NEW RESEARCH POINTS TO HISTORIC HIGHS IN ISLAMOPHOBIA The condition of minorities in the United States is getting worse. As per data extracted by Pew Research, many more Muslims were subjected to attack in 2016 compared to 2001. In 2001 there were 93 assaults against Muslims. In 2015, the number […]


The month of November is best known for Thanksgiving first, and the month of elections. Although many of us have not recovered from the last presidential election, it seems more than ever people are more involved in the polls. People have become more active in registering to vote, voting, speaking […]

Giving Thanks to This Year’s Civil and Political Engagement

On October 25, 2016, just prior to the presidential election, James Zogby released a poll showing Arab -American dissatisfaction with candidate Donald J. Trump.  Zogby’s Democrat-leaning Arab American Institute (AAI) noted that 60% of those questioned favored Hillary Clinton for president while just  25% supported Trump. Why? Be shocked. According […]

Trump and The Arab American Community; What Has He Done ...

This week, the FBI released its hate crime stats for 2016 and they reveal some interesting trends: Hate crimes in the US saw a rise over the year — especially incidents targeting Muslims and whites. (Before we delve into details, it’s important to mention that national hate crime statistics are […]

Hate crimes rose in 2016 – especially against Muslims and ...

 For the first time in a decade, hate crimes are up in two consecutive years in America. This rise coincides with the campaign and now presidency of Donald Trump, who has embraced bigotry like no other modern political figure. But voters are already showing signs of resisting turning the clock […]

Hate crimes take startling jump under Trump, motivating voters to ...

While there were many surprises during this Nov. 2017 election cycle, Ravi Bhalla made history by becoming the first Sikh mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey, The Washington Post reports. According to CBSNews, Bhalla ran against five other opponents for the office of mayor. Bhalla had served on the city council […]

A sikh man is the new mayor of Hoboken

DEARBORN, United States – Dearborn City Council President Susan Dabaja leaped with excitement when the final results of the local election came in on Tuesday night. She then kissed her husband and thanked her supporters for helping her retain her seat. The 40-year-old Lebanese American mother-of-three placed first in a pool […]

Muslims surge to electoral victories in largest Arab American city

New York activist Linda Sarsour was at John F. Kennedy International Airport waiting to board a flight to San Diego Tuesday afternoon when news broke that a truck driver had killed multiple people in Lower Manhattan. As she watched subtitled cable news reports scroll across a terminal television, the co-organizer […]

Muslim New Yorkers are bracing themselves for hate crimes after ...

Flyers with xenophobic messages have been making the rounds in Edison, New Jersey, angering residents. People in the township received the anonymous mailers this week. They feature the photos of two Asian-American school board candidates, Jerry Shi and Falguni Patel, with the word “deport” stamped atop both pictures. The ads also […]

Racist Ads Call For Deporting Asian-American School Board Candidates In ...

In a series of conversations about Islam that I have been having with people from all across Pennsylvania, seven questions in particular come up most frequently. In a commentary I wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer in December, condemning hate crimes against Muslims, I offered to have coffee with anyone who […]

7 common questions from my coffee conversations about Islam