AMVOTE met with Ald. Pat Dowell, Chair of the Human Relations Committee of the Chicago City Counsel today regarding the upcoming Hearing this Monday on a Resolution condemning Hate Speech. Pictured here are Ald. Dowell, Salman Aftab, Judge Haddad, Elsa Jaramillo (Mayuor Legislative Counsel), and Greg Spears (Asst. Corp. Counsel).

AMVOTE Lobbies for Anti-Hate Speech Resolution

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Advocates accused a Georgia lawmaker of targeting Muslim women with proposed changes to a 1951 state law passed to unmask the Ku Klux Klan, creating a backlash that prompted the Republican legislator to quickly discard the idea. Rep. Jason Spencer came under fire from the American Civil […]

After Muslim backlash, lawmaker drops change to Ga. no-mask law

When Donald Trump first called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” Muslims and non-Muslims around the country braced themselves for what quickly became an election season charged with Islamophobia. Over the last year, Muslim Americans have been subjected to attacks, hate crimes and political […]

#IslamophobiaAtPolls Proves There’s Much Work To Be Done To Combat ...

Donald Trump’s conquest of the Republican Party has placed the civic health of the country under enormous strain in many obvious ways. Hate crimes against Muslims have soared over the past year; Trump protesters have been attacked viciously, and with impunity, in public spaces; immigrants have spent the campaign in […]

Donald Trump’s Lasting Damage to Our Communities

WASHINGTON – Members of the oldest Arab-American com­munity in the United States said they are concerned as the US presidential election draws near following a bitter and divisive cam­paign. A defeat for the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, who has voiced anti-immigrant and anti- Muslim rhetoric throughout the campaign and […]

Anxiety in Arab-American heartland as US election draws near

Dear Friends: If anyone is hesitating to vote on Tuesday, then see the Bridge Initiative about Islamophobic political rhetoric by presidential candidates. Since campaign hate speech began last year, there was an increase in anti-Muslim violence, including but not limited to, 12 murders, 29 physical attacks, 54 acts of vandalism, 8 arsons, […]

Stop Hate Speech. Stop Hate Violence. VOTE ON TUESDAY!

More Than 1 Million US Muslims Now Registered to Vote
WASHINGTON —More than one million American Muslims have registered to vote in the November 8 U.S. elections, a record number that puts the community in a position to tip the race in states where they live in large numbers as polls show a tightening contest, Muslim advocates said on Wednesday. […]

More Than 1 Million US Muslims Now Registered to Vote

View of two cheerful young women sitting on a curb outside a building
Canadians can’t be blamed for missing the anti-Islamophobia motion that passed in parliament last week. If you Google it, you won’t get a single hit in mainstream media: not in CBC, not in Postmedia, not in the Globe and Mail, nowhere. In fact, when this piece is published, it may […]

In Case You Missed It, Canada Passed An Anti-Islamophobia Motion

Muslim Voters
  In less than a week, the new president of the United States will be elected. This presidential race has already increased early voter turnout in epic proportions, especially in battleground states, such as Florida. There has also been a marked uptick in efforts to mobilize millennial and minority voters, […]

Arab Americans and Muslims Mobilized to Vote More Than Ever ...

  The 2016 election has been focused on hot button issues that find strong opposition and support, including immigration and foreign policy. Both the media and general public have taken notice on key moments, such as the candidate’s temperament and their treatment of others on the campaign trail. While Clinton […]

Trump’s Inflammatory Remarks May Empower School Bullies