AMVOTE PAC Election Attorney & Consultant Richard Means, Passes Away

Gone Too Soon: Richard Means, Colleague, Consultant and Friend to AMVOTE

A  Message from AMVOTE PAC Chairman, Hon. William J. Haddad
Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, Retired


It is with great sadness  I inform of AMVOTE’S election attorney and consultant, Richard Means, Esq., passed away from the COVID-19 virus this past week.

I have known Rich for over 45 years from when he was a young, progressive attorney on the near northside of Chicago, and then as Executive Director of the Chicago Council of Lawyers, and later as an election attorney at the State’s Attorneys’ Office. He rose to become the preeminent election lawyer in Illinois.

In 2004, Rich organized AMVOTE’s political action committee.  When I asked him “What is your legal fee for handling our application?”, he inquired of me “Bill, what is your fee?” to which I replied “None. “Rich said “Well, I’ll take half of what you’re getting.”

Rich contributed his time to many community-based organizations (and candidates) to give minorities a voice in government. He was generous to more groups and individuals that anyone I know. He was highly ethical, while being practical in his advice and guidance.

Rich will be sorely missed by the men and women of AMVOTE and our Middle Eastern community here in  Illinois. To his wife Ann, please accept our condolences and thanks for your support of Rich through his professional and philanthropic career.



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