Merry Marwig Candidate for State Representative


Merry Marwig is the democratic candidate for State Representative in Illinois House District 20 which includes Chicago’s northwest side and nearby suburbs. It’s the closest and most important race in Illinois, and AMVOTE’S voter list in this district amounts to nearly a thousand registered voters. We met with Ms. Marwig last week. She was a CEO for a loop firm, raised and educated here in Illinois, and had an extensive educational background in international relations. She is committed to diversity issues, which is important because Mike McAulliffe supports Gov. Rauner who has advocated bans of refugees on ethnic and religious grounds. She is against the ban. She has stated to us that she will support any future bills on the minority status issue for our community, including for businesses and education. She also stated she would be against a decrease in funding for our community’s school districts.

 Punch #42 for Merry Marwig in the 20th District.