MENA Designation Approved in Governor’s Administration

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Includes MENA Check Box for Job Applicants Within Administration

AMVOTE PAC’S recommendation to add a MENA (Middle-Eastern, North African) checkbox has been approved and is already in use for job applicants within Governor JB Pritzker’s Administration.  This is in addition to the Governor’s approval of AMVOTE Arab-American nominees Jordan Abudayyeh for Press Secretary, Office of the Governor  and Omer Osman for Director of the Illinois Department of Transportation. AMVOTE would like to recognize our Board of Advisors for  its courage in endorsing Governor Pritzker in  the 2018 primaries. 

This is the first step of many. AMVOTE is continuously working on efforts to include the MENA designation, or check box, on all relevant applications in the future for representation of the Middle-Eastern/North African community.