Lori Lightfoot Pledges Full Support For MENA Inclusion

On Dec. 3, 2022, Mayor Lori Lightfoot credited Ret. Judge William Haddad,  AMVOTE PAC and a coalition of supporting organizations and their efforts for opening the way for the City of Chicago as Mayor Lightfoot stated “correct this wrong” of excluding the MENA Community from the “definition of minorities.” She said this will allow hard-working MENA community to qualify for tens of millions of dollars in city contracts for goods and services. As a result of our efforts, the city hired attorney Colette Holt to begin an economic disparity study this January which will be completed by Spring of 2023.  Holt’s staff will need the help of the MENA COUNCIL, AABAR, ABPA, AAAEA and AMVOTE to finish this job. The task moving forward will be to talk with MENA business owners and professionals to survey their experiences of discrimination. This includes information about disparities between their experiences and opportunities and those of other non-MENA owners. Congratulations to the leadership of all the organizations to make this important step a reality!

Watch Mayor Lightfoot Announce Support for MENA Minority Conclusion at IL. Muslim Coalition Event December 12.3.22