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This is our invitation to join AMVOTE.

AMVOTE, Inc. is the first Arab American Political Action Committee in Illinois.  It was created for the benefit of nearly 400,000 Arabs, Muslims and Christians in the Middle Eastern community in this area. It was organized by the professional and grass roots community leadership to promote good citizenship through: (1) voter education, (2) voter empowerment and (3) voter registration. OUR VOTE IS OUR VOICE AND NOW MORE THAN EVER WE NEED TO USE OUR VOICE AND VOTE!

 Retired Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan have supported AMVOTE’S mission.

AMVOTE’S Board of Directors are Arab-American, Muslim and Christian leaders from our community’s Medical Association, Bar Association, Business Association, and Association of Engineers & Architects.

AMVOTE will research candidates as to certain categories, including: 

  • Employment minority job opportunities

  • Civil rights and Human rights

  • Government 

  • Business

  • Education

 Endorsement of candidates for office will be made based on their record in our community in these areas.  AMVOTE is a state and local PAC is not involved in federal issues or races. We invite you to join our Advisory Board and participate in this process. We will happy to meet your group to discuss the benefits of a nonpartisan voter initiative for the future of our community.

 Contact us today as we would love for you to join AMVOTE PAC!

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