Hon. William J. Haddad Receives Award

was honored by Northern Illinois University College of Law with the “Excellence in Service and Leadership Award”.

Hon. William Haddad gave an outstanding acceptance talk, with a very powerful message. Judge Haddad has many accomplishments, one of which is the speed in which he put together a high level group of professionals, judges, lawyers, heads of organization, representing different faiths, ethnicity, and colors, to respond to the first Executive Order, the Muslim Ban. During this time, he immediately called and received the full support of the President of the Illinois Bar Association.

President of the Illinois State Bar, Vince Cornelius, presented the Northern Illinois Law School Leadership Award to Judge Haddad and described him as “a man of courage”.

Hon. Haddad included in his talk Arab American contributions to America, including military service and spoke against the hate speech that we are now hearing on daily basis. He also discussed the University’s promotion of diversity and assisting the students to develop their God given talents.

Congratulations Judge Haddad!