Hon. William Haddad Celebrated for Outstanding Leadership

The Arab-American Business & Professional Association Awards Haddad for his Outstanding Leadership

Judge William Hadded received the Outstanding Leadership Award during the Arab-American Business & Profesional Association (ABPA) 14th Annual Awards Dinner. The dinner took place in Rosemont at Gene & Georgetti, on November 13, 2019.

The Outstanding Leadership Award is bestowed on those individuals who provide leadership in their community, city, or business which benefits the public at large. This award, among others such as Outstanding Achievement Awards recognizes those who excel in their profession.

Judge Haddad has exhibited outstanding leadership in creating the American Middle East Voters Alliance Political Action Committee (AMVOTE PAC) to promote Arab/Muslim American participation in the political arena- giving them a “seat at the table.”

For decades, Haddad has been fighting and speaking out to counter hate speech and discrimination against minorities, while seeking justice for those who are targeted because of their religion, ethnicity or social status. Moreover, Haddad formed and served as a Founder,  President  or Executive Director of other organizations including the Arab American Bar Association of Illinois. Currently, he serves as Vice President of the Arab-American Business & Professional Association.

Among the notable recipients who have received Outstanding Leadership Awards throughout the years are: Dr. Marshall Bouton, President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Mayor Richard M. Daley and Governor Jim Edgar.

Judge Haddad is deeply deserving of this honor. Not only has he exceled in his profession, the good work Haddad accomplishes continues to help the Arab-American Community thrive.

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