Billy Haido Appointed to AMVOTE PAC Executive Committee

The newest member of AMVOTE’S Executive Committee, Billy Haido will represent the Assyrian Community of Illinois. Haido, a graduate of Loyola Academy and North Eastern Illinois University, lives in Skokie with his wife and three children. An IT consultant in the Northshore area, Haido  has been in Information Technology since 1997, during which time he also owned and managed several businesses. He founded Strategic Entertainment which went on to produce four world wide released Assyrian movies.

Billy immigrated to America at age 1. He has founded many organizations that have helped organize the Assyrian Community in Illinois. He was president of the Assyrian Athletic Club of Illinois for 4 years where he pioneered athletic programs that helped the youth grow through athletics. He also  founded the Assyrian basketball league nationally in 1997, and the Assyrian Volleyball league. He co-founded Little Elves of Love, an organization that helps needy families during the holidays.

In 2008 Billy volunteered to work for the Obama Presidential Campaign in the operations department. He worked directly for National Operations director Pete Dagher.  When he resided in Niles, he was appointed  Community Relations Commissioner by the current mayor of Niles, Andrew Przybylo. Later, he moved to Skokie where he  joined the Skokie Caucus party and was appointed to the Board of Directors last year. He also serves on the Skokie Economic Development Commission.

In 2016 Billy founded Vote Assyrian (Vote Assyrian) an organization that helps engage and educate the Assyrian Voters. Vote Assyrian has registered 5000 new voters in less than 2 years ago. Recently Vote Assyrian was actively involved in a successful campaign to elect the first Assyrian Women to a trustee position in Illinois.

AMVOTE PAC is eager to have Billy serve as a member of the Executive Commmittee of the Board to represent the Assyrian communities of our state.

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