Arab-Americans are “Making a Difference” in American Elections

Arab-Americans are Making a Difference in the Outcome of American Elections

The Arab American Institute has reported  its online polling showed that “Vice President Joe Biden [led] President Donald Trump by 48 points” among Arab-Americans. Warren David of Arab reports that: “74% said Biden best serves the needs of the Arab American community as opposed to 26% percent for Trump.”

Meanwhile, the Arab American Institute reports that its polling showed the voter turnout among Arab-Americans was the highest ever, 80%.

The American Middle East Voters Alliance here in Illinois endorsed 13 candidates in select races in Cook and DuPage counties. Nine of them won, two are “too close to call” and three lost. What’s important about the nine who won is that four of our endorsees won by less that 3% in DuPage county, another two are “too close to call”, and most importantly, AMVOTE PAC helped the first Arab-American woman to be elected to the bench in Illinois, Judge Monique Naffah O’Toole—who one by a percentage point!

Conclusion: Arab-Americans are “making a difference” in the outcome of American elections.