AMVOTE Responds to Marie Newman’s False Accusations

Important Message from Our Chairman Clears Up Bogus Misconceptions


It has come to our attention that, at a recent endorsement interview with Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, U.S. Congressional Candidate for the 3rd District, Ms. Marie Newman, accused one of our  Board Members, Mr. Rush Darwish, of accepting a contribution(s) to his campaign from our organization, The American Middle East Voters Alliance -Political Action Committee (AMVOTE PAC).

This is a false accusation. Further, this type of accusation demonstrates Ms. Newman’s lack of sensitivity to minority candidates and to our Arab-American and Muslim community.

First.  AMVOTE PAC has never made any contribution to Mr. Darwish’s campaign committee, or to any other political candidate’s committee.

Second. We are a State of Illinois Political Action Committee. We are not permitted to direct funds or endorsements to any candidates in any federal election.

Third. We are an “Issues PAC.” We endorse candidates for state and municipal offices who we feel are sensitive to minorities and diversity, particularly to our Arab and Muslim community.

Fourth.  We are not a “Money PAC.” Our mission is to advocate for minority community engagement, and for voter registration.

Perhaps, Ms. Newman is confusing AMVOTE-PAC with the broad individual support which  Mr. Darwish receives from nearly every professional and community leader. These individuals have generously made personal contributions to Mr. Darwish’s campaign.



Judge William J. Haddad, Retired.
American Middle East Voters Alliance
Political Action Committee

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