AMVOTE PAC Withdraws Endorsement of Skokie Trustee Billy Haido

Statement Regarding Skokie Trustee Candidate Billy Haido

In light of a pattern of unacceptable and inappropriate statements posted on Billy Haido’s personal social media, effective immediately, AMVOTE PAC withdraws Mr. Haido’s endorsement for Skokie Trustee. Furthermore, Mr. Haido has offered  his resignation from our Board which was accepted by AMVOTE.

AMVOTE PAC Chairman and Founder, Ret. Judge William Haddad said “AMVOTE PAC condemns Mr. Haido’s admitted misogynistic statements disparaging women. This organization stands at the epicenter of women empowerment as seen in our organization’s leadership and many other organizations in our community”.

AMVOTE PAC stands by the other endorsements related to the Skokie Trustee Board race. You can view the full 2021 candidate endorsement list here.

AMVOTE PAC’s mission is to expand the influence of American citizens of Middle Eastern ancestry, whether Arab, Muslim or Christian, through support of candidates who show a commitment to equal community opportunities in: (1) Business, (2) Employment, (3) Government, (4) Education, and (5) Civil Rights without regard to race, color, creed, and ethnicity. The purpose of AMVOTE-PAC is not to advocate in favor of any particular political party, religious viewpoint, or foreign policy position.



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