AMVOTE PAC Meets with Alderman Gilbert Villegas

Meeting with Alderman  Villegas – Mayor Lightfoot’s Floor Leader On Minority Issues

At a dinner hosted by AMVOTE PAC last night, Alderman Villegas agreed to guide AMVOTE-PAC through the qualification process for “minority status” with the City.

AMVOTE was represented by Salman Aftab, Judge Haddad, Marvet Sweis, Vivian Khalaf, Jamil Bou-Saab, and Talat Othman. Also invited were members of the American Muslim Taskforce (AMT), representatives from the Assyrian Community,  Alderman Debra Silverstein and Alderman Joe Moore. Chairman Judge William Haddad has plans to follow-up with Alderman Villegas in March.




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