AMVOTE PAC endorses Alexander Giannoulias for Secretary of State of Illinois

Official Statement from AMVOTE PAC August 20, 2021

The American Middle East Voters Alliance hereby endorses Alexander Giannoulias, Esq. for the Office of Secretary of State of Illinois in recognition of his vast service to the People of  Illinois, and particularly the MENA (Middle Eastern/North African) community of Illinois.

Mr. Giannoulias is a proven and experienced leader. When he served as State Treasurer, he established a MENA Advisory Board, initiated the widest ranging ethics package in Illinois history, initiated the “Green Rebate Rewards Program”, created and revamped a number of State Scholarship programs, and revamped the “Bright Start College Savings Program” to make it tops in nation.


In addition to his recognition of the MENA community as State Treasurer by establishing an Advisory Board, he has installed an Arab-American woman to run his current campaign. When elected, he has pledged to diversify the Secretary of State’s office with qualified minorities, including Arab-Americans, and he will support the MENA community’s drive to achieve designated minority status under Affirmative Action,  and to include a “MENA Category” on all job applications.