AMVOTE Proudly Endorses Mervate Mohammad for Palos Township Trustee

Palos Township is in need of a trustee who cares for the residents, who is committed to make the necessary changes for the  township to prosper, and who has the skill and ability to advocate for those they represent.
Mervate Mohammad is determined to use her experience advocating for various individuals, groups, and businesses, to better represent those of Palos Township.

As a Township Trustee, Mervate will:

– Expand programming for families and communities
– Ensure transparency and improve budgeting
– Increase use of technology to promote innovation and reduce waste

As an attorney with a law office in Hickory Hills, Palos Township has been home for Mervate Mohammad for over thirty years. She works to pay it forward for businesses to grow and prosper locally.

Election day is April 6th. Get out an vote!

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