AMVOTE Endorses Marci Suelzer (52) Diane Pappas (45) and Lindsey LaPointe (19) for Illinois House Races


Marci Suelzer is running for the House of Representatives in Illinois District 52 which is a blend of professions, ages, religions, races, and gender identities. These voices need to be heard. Suelzer stands for decency and inclusivity and will take action so that every person in the 52nd District, regardless of who they are, is given equal rights and opportunities.

Diane Pappas is running for State Representative of the 45th District because she she believes we need a change and she has the skills and strong voice to be the tenacious advocate in Springfield that our community deserves.amo

Lindsey LaPointe is running for Illinois State Representative of the 19th District. As an advocate for the middle-class and working families, LaPointe seeks to bring a balanced budget, fair taxes, strong schools and healthcare.

Early voting is currently underway.  Our community can make a difference where every vote counts. Be sure you are registered to vote!

The General Election is November 3, 2020. Voting is one of our most important rights. Help make a difference this election year- VOTE!  Your voice is your vote. See the complete list of AMVOTE’S ENDORSEMENTS.

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