AMVOTE ENDORSEMENT: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

AMVOTE PAC Endorses Cam Davis and Kim DuBuclet for Metropolitan Water District


Created in 1889 as the Sanitary District of Chicago, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) today is an award-winning, special-purpose district responsible for treating wastewater and providing stormwater management for residents and businesses in its service area, which encompasses 882.1 square miles and includes Chicago and 128 suburban communities throughout Cook County. The MWRD serves approximately 10.35 million people each day, including 5.25 million residents. Read more about MWRD. 


Cam Davis has spent his entire career working for the public interest. In addition to his work with the Obama Administration and non-profit leadership, Cam has worked to write and pass a change in MWRD’s ordinance to recognize the need to protect disproportionately impacted communities from flooding; Led efforts to bring green infrastructure to suburban Cook County schoolyards; and included water quality protections in MWRD’s Watershed Management Ordinance.


Kim DuBuclet is a mother, a wife, a public servant, a philanthropist and an environmentalist who cares about our great lakes, the fragile environment and most importantly, our most important resource, water. As a MWRD Commissioner for the last two years, Kim has worked to guide the MWRD in its mission to keep our water safe. As we have learned, access to clean drinking water can not be taken for granted. We must elect knowledgeable and experienced candidates that are committed to protecting our water.

Early voting is currently underway.  Our community can make a difference where every vote counts. Be sure you are registered to vote!

The General Election is November 3, 2020. Voting is one of our most important rights. Help make a difference this election year- VOTE!  Your voice is your vote. See the complete list of AMVOTE’S ENDORSEMENTS.

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