2018 Judiciary Ballot

Voting for judges is one of the most important votes you will cast this November.

Fair, ethical and experienced judges make a difference.  There is no substitute for experience.

 The experienced judges running for retention are at the end of the ballot.
It is very important you vote the entire ballot, top to bottom.





Supreme Court

Anne M. Burke                                        201


Appellate Court                                                                      

Margaret Stanton McBride             203


Circuit Court Judges


Kathy M. Flanagan 205 Grace G. Dickler 245 Regina Ann Scannicchio 287
Moshe Jacobius 207 Ellen L. Flannigan 247 Diann Karen Marsalek 289
Stuart F. Lubin 209 Carol M. Howard 249 Pamela M. Leeming 291
Martin S. Agran 211 Jill C. Marisie 251 Larry G. Axelrood 293
Ronald F. Bartkowicz 213 James Michael McGing 253 Carl B. Boyd 295
E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. 215 Mike McHale 255 Daniel R. Degnan 297
Catherine Marie Haberkorn 217 James Patrick Murphy 257 John H. Ehrlich 299
James M. Varga 219 Thomas W. Murphy 259 Terry Gallagher 301
Marcia Maras 221 Ramon Ocasio, III 261 William G. Gamboney 303
Peter Flynn 223 Mary Colleen Roberts 263 Elizabeth Mary Hayes 305
Paul A. Karkula 225 Diane M. Shelley 265 Martin C. Kelley 307
Maura Slattery Boyle 227 Celia Louise Gamrath 269 Kimberly D. Lewis 309
Mary Margaret Brosnahan 229 Lorna Ellen Propes 271 Edward M. Maloney 311
Matthew E. Coghlan 231 Tommy Brewer 273 Lisa Ann Marino 313
Joyce Marie Murphy Gorman 233 Andrea M. Schleifer 275 Michael Tully Mullen 315
Joan Margaret O’Brien 235 Thomas R. Allen 277 Karen Lynn O’Malley 319
Thomas David Roti 237 Erica L. Reddick 279 Paul S. Pavlus 321
Colleen F. Sheehan 239 Aicha Marie MacCarthy 281 Cynthia Ramirez 323
Carl Anthony Walker * 241 Lionel Jean-Baptiste 283 Beatriz Santiago 325
Daniel Patrick Brennan 243 Michael R. Clancy 285


                                    *Denotes Cook County Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Appellate Court                                                   
Authorized and paid for by Committee for Retention of Judges in Cook County.  A copy of our report is filed with the State Board of Elections and is available for review on the Board’s official web site or for purchase from the Board of Elections in Springfield, IL