As I carefully pulled into the parking lot of my local grocery store in broad daylight, somebody began to honk their car horn at me repeatedly. I caught a glimpse of an elderly white man in a dusty red Chevrolet pickup, looking disgusted, in my rearview mirror. I ignored […]

Any senator offended by Muslim-bashing will vote down Pompeo for ...

Robert Mercer, a billionaire supporter of President Trump, spent $2 million to help target voters in swing states with anti-Muslim advertising ahead of the 2016 election, according to documents released Thursday by a nonpartisan watchdog group. An unredacted tax return obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics shows Mercer was the […]

Trump backer Robert Mercer helped fund anti-Muslim ads in 2016, ...

A Missouri man who threatened to “behead,” “light on fire,” “bomb” and “slaughter” Muslims worshiping at a Georgia mosque pleaded guilty to hate crimes on Monday. Preston Q. Howard, 49, of Wright City, Mo., pleaded guilty to three counts of obstructing persons in the free exercise of religious beliefs. He […]

A Missouri man who threatened to ‘behead’ Muslim worshipers is ...

Arab American Associate Judge Sam Betar III won the backing of voters on March 20, 2018 to represent the Democratic Party as their candidate for the 13th Judicial District in Cook County in the November 6, 2018 General Election. Judge Betar, one of the first Arab Americans to serve as […]

Arab American win’s nomination to serve on 13th Judicial District

Arab Americans opposed on Friday the appointment of John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, as the next US national security advisor to President Donald Trump. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) expressed in a statement its opposition, “in the strongest possible terms,” to the forthcoming appointment of Bolton […]

Arab Americans Oppose Appointment of John Bolton as US National ...

SYCAMORE – A 70-year-old DeKalb man accused of pulling Muslim headwear off a woman at Walmart accepted a plea deal Tuesday to serve two years of court supervision. Michael E. Dickey, of the 200 block of Augusta Avenue, was originally charged with two counts of a hate crime, as well […]

DeKalb man charged with hate crime accepts plea deal, 2 ...

WASHINGTON — A Democratic primary for a House seat in Illinois is pitting a J Street candidate against a longtime incumbent who’s been an ally of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, also known as AIPAC. The progressive upstart Marie Newman is challenging Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois’s 3rd District. […]

Illinois Democratic primary pits J Street against AIPAC

In this week’s roundup: The federal government has been prosecuting people for hate crimes, impact from last week’s Hate Report scoop, Richard Spencer’s struggles and a lynching mural in a high school finally gets painted over. Ever since Attorney General Jeff Sessions took over the Department of Justice, the jury […]

The Hate Report: Signs that Jeff Sessions is bringing hate ...

Rewarding Bad Behavior As many of you know, Arab Americans face systemic harassment, detention, and occasionally deportation by Israeli authorities upon attempting to enter Israel or Palestine.  It’s so bad that even the State Department once said it’s “concerned at the unequal treatment that Palestinian-Americans and other Arab-Americans receive at Israel’s borders and […]

Countdown Vol 17 No 15: Things Won’t Be The Same

By: Judge William J. Haddad (Ret.)/Arab America Contributing Writer In 2009 I chaired the implementation of The Council of Arab Religious Leaders of Chicagoland (ARC) which consisted of Christian and Muslim Clerics. At our June 20, 2009 “Unity Celebration” I hailed our community’s ability to “share our common cultural traditions […]

Diversity: The Struggle and the Celebration of Arab-Americans