From local school boards to US Congress, Arab Americans are representing their people across the country. Who are the Arab Americans currently running for office in 2018? Why are they running? What are they all about? Read more about the candidates who are preparing to serve their communities, their people, […]

Meet the Arab American Candidates Running for Office in 2018

10 famous Muslim Americans Muhammad Ali, legendary boxing champ Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), first Muslim member of Congress Snoop Dogg, rapper and actor Malcolm X, civil rights activist and prominent Nation of Islam leader Dave Chappelle, stand-up comedian, producer and actor Ellen Burstyn, actress Shaquille O’Neal, sports analyst and former […]

Nearly 1-in-5 Americans would deny Muslim American citizens the right ...

  VIENNA (Reuters) – Austria’s right-wing government plans to shut seven mosques and could expel dozens of imams in what it said was “just the beginning” of a push against radical Islam and foreign funding of religious groups that Turkey condemned as racist. The coalition government, an alliance of conservatives […]

Austria to shut down mosques, expel foreign-funded imams

The Trump administration plans to hold its first iftar dinner at the White House on Wednesday, a surprising break from the president’s decision not to hold one last year. But in continuing the decades-long annual White House tradition commemorating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, President Donald Trump aims to […]

In a much-anticipated decision Monday morning, the Supreme Court ruled – by a vote of 7 to 2 – in favor of a Colorado baker who claimed his refusal to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple was protected under the First Amendment. Some conservatives are exultant. Radio host […]

Trump’s Travel Ban Is in Trouble at the Supreme Court

 Roseanne Barr’s offensive comments finally got her canceled Roseanne Barr has a history of making racist remarks and of fanning the flames of conspiracy theories. ABC canceled her show for it on May 29. This post has been updated. ABC announced Tuesday that it canceled “Roseanne” after the show’s star, Roseanne […]

ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’ after its star, Roseanne Barr, went on ...

A Florida man faces criminal charges after he pulled a knife and stun gun on a group of Muslim international students at a McDonald’s. John Jay Smith, 60, was arrested following the incident about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at the restaurant in St. Augustine, just south of Jacksonville. Smith allegedly got into a verbal […]

Florida man pulls knife on students eating burgers, goes on ...

We all watched the horror together yesterday, as the Trump Administration joined Netanyahu to celebrate the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, while Israel was gunning down thousands of Palestinian in Gaza, killing nearly 60 of them. The contrast, present on so many split-screens, was so glaring that so […]

Jim Zogby Republishes Book, Palestinians: The Invisible Victims

 Another coffee shop confrontation caught on smartphone video is causing a stir on social media — only this time it involves a man angered by a woman who identifies herself as a Muslim. A barista at a coffee shop in Riverside, Calif., refused to serve a man after he appears to […]

Islamophobic? Coffee shop refuses to serve man who confronted Muslim ...