Jim Zogby Republishes Book, Palestinians: The Invisible Victims

We all watched the horror together yesterday, as the Trump Administration joined Netanyahu to celebrate the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, while Israel was gunning down thousands of Palestinian in Gaza, killing nearly 60 of them. The contrast, present on so many split-screens, was so glaring that so many media couldn’t help noting the callous disregard for Palestinian life on full display. But while Americans are waking up to the reality that something is really wrong here, we won’t get a full understanding of the core injustice imposed on the Palestinians until we understand the history and political ideology animating the injustice today. For this reason, I have joined Mondoweiss to republish my book: “Palestinians: The Invisible Victims.”

I first wrote the book over four decades ago because Americans do not know Palestinians as people. On the contrary, Palestinians (and Arabs, in general) have been subjected to years of defamation, campaigns of disinformation and negative stereotyping. Consequently, Palestinians are not seen in the U.S. as human beings with equal rights. When Palestinians are considered at all, they are referred to as the “Palestinian problem” confronting Israel, the “problem” that must somehow be resolved so that Israelis can have peace. The book is not a catalog of Israeli acts of repression against Palestinians. Rather, it is an examination of the ideology and practice of the movement of Political Zionism and its patron, British imperialism, that together were responsible for the denial of Palestinian rights and the subsequent campaigns of disinformation and repression against the Palestinian people.

We’re republishing this book to educate a new generation about the history that has created the situation that continues to plague both Israelis and Palestinians; provide context in which to understand the enormity of the injustice that has defined the Palestinian reality; promote recognition of the human rights of this beleaguered people; and spur a much-needed debate about the dangers inherent in the exclusivist vision of Political Zionism. For there to be a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians, an understanding of this history is a necessity.

You Can Order ‘Palestinians: The Invisible Victims’ here.


Jim Zogby

Arab American Institute

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