As a licensed attorney in private practice since 1993, Vivian Khalaf has extensive expereince in the areas of immigration, litigation and family law. She has represented a multitude of individual and corporate clients from various regions of the Middle East and is well-regarded within the Chicago and Middle-Eastern communities. Vivian’s exceptional knowledge in all areas of Immigration Law has lead to her attainment of numerous successful resolutions in complex federal cases.

After the first Gulf War in 1991, Vivan became primarily focused on representing individuals who were expelled or forced to flee Kuwait due to political turmoil. During this time, she witnessed thousands of refugees and individuals seeking political asylum in the U.S. who needed legal assistance and could not afford to pay premium attorney fees. The majority of the cases were successfully litigated before the U.S. Immigration Service and Executive Office For Immigration Review and her clients were granted asylum.

Currently, Vivian concentrates on business immigration and assisting international clients with identifying investment opportunities that enable them to obtain immigration benefits in the U.S. She travels extensively to the Middle East and North Africa to meet with both individual and corporate clients interested in such opportunities.

Outside the parameters of her legal career, Vivian has made a life-long committment to be an active and integral part of institution building within her community. Such institutions have included community centres, social services agencies, educational institutions, political organizations and professional associations. Active and continuous participation in a leadership capacity has enabled Vivian to accept primary responsibility for collective action. She takes great pride in ensuring the future of any such institution is well planned and the plans are effectively executed in support of its mission. 

AMVOTE PAC is so proud of Vivian’s achievements, and we are thrilled to have her contribute to our team as a Board Member!