AMVOTE PAC Endorses J.B Pritzker for Illinois Governor

AMVOTE PAC Endorses J.B Pritzker for Illinois Governor. Pritzker is a graduate of Duke and Northwestern law school. He is known as a philanthropist and private business owner based in Chicago. He manages the Pritzker Group, the largest venture investor group in the Middle West. He has donated tens of millions to fund educational and humanitarian causes. He founded the Pritzker Consortium on Early Childhood Development at the University of Chicago with Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman, which researches and funds early childhood care of impoverished children. He is past chairman of the Illinois Holocaust Museum, and he is the principal funder of Cambodian Genocide Tribunal Monitor.

Mr. Pritzker is past chairman of the Illinois Human Rights Commission. He served on the legislative staffs of Senators Alan Dixon and Terry Sanford. He co-chaired the 2008 Hillary Clinton for President campaign, and founded the “The Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century” for voters under 40, and he unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 1998.

Pritzker favors international trade with the Arab Nations and consider opening the first Illinois “trade office” in the Middle East, and accompany local organizations on trade missions to the Middle East. In meeting with him Mr. Pritzker said he would revive the defunct Arab and Muslim Advisory Board to the Governor, and he pledged to appoint qualified Arab and Muslim American professionals to “top echelon” positions of his administration, in consultation with local professional and community groups. He noted that his press secretary, Jordan Abudayyeh, is a Palestinian American.

Mr. Pritzker has previously utilized qualified members of our Arab/Muslim Community.When Pritzker was Chairman of the Illinois Human Rights Commission, his chief management deputy was Assistant Secretary, Matthew Hammoudeh, a Chicago Attorney.





Currently the Pritzker Campaign’s Director of Communications is Ms. Jordan Abudayyeh, a well-known Peoria news media person.






Mr. Pritzker has voiced great displeasure the President Trump’s “racist and xenophobic” conduct and remarks against minorities. In opposition to the Travel Ban, Pritzker personally joined other lawyers at O’Hare Airport on January 17th to protest the travel ban and assist travelers impeded from admission to the United States.  Mr. Pritzker favors sanctuary status in Illinois.

Mr. Pritzker voiced his objection to the idea of Governmental “Registration” of Muslims and is in agreement with the AMVOTE sponsored City Council resolution condemning governmental registration of Muslims. He said to AMVOTE:  If such a regulation came to be, “I will be the first to sign up as a Muslim.”

Pritzker will be running against Chris Kennedy, and Daniel Biss. As part of its vetting process, AMVOTE met with all three candidates before making the gubernatorial endorsement. Read the interviews from our vetting process HERE


Read more about Pritzker HERE


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