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AMVOTE PAC Endorses the following Countywide Judges: Judge Clare Quish Judge Cecilia Horan Judge Preston Jones Judge Oran Whiting Judge Mike Gonzalez Judge Johnathan Clark Green Judge Jack Hagerty AMVOTE PAC Endorses the following for Circuit Court 2nd Sub Circuit: Judges Frederick Bates Adrienne Davis Tonya Harvey AMVOTE PAC Endorses […]

AMVOTE PAC Endorses Cook County Judges

On January 26, 2018, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of the Census announced that it “will not use…a separate Middle Eastern or North African” category on the census form.” However, the 2020 Census will still contain unchanged questions on race and ethnicity such as those delineating people of African and […]

The 2020 Census–Arabs Need Not Apply